Thursday, May 16, 2013


New Jupiter MX sports ducks are changed. Not only the whole body, the machine is also a total change. However, the dimensions are the same as Jupiter MX is marketed today. So is the capacity, diameter and the step, the engine compression ratio, New Jupiter MX is not changed.New Views of Jupiter MX but it looks more sporty and futuristic, with the latest designs. Starting from the front of the body, wings and body side, the lights, including the wheels, alloy wheels and tires it uses. However, not leaving the hallmark of Jupiter MX. New Jupiter MX on the lights, lights for evening and seinnya slightly smaller and sharper (tapered).While the use of mica smoke taillight, a bit dark but still produces a bright spotlight. Changes flashy, New Jupiter MX uses two disc brakes, front and rear.MX rope made of gas double to add a response (gas) spontaneous like motorcycle racing. The sequence of this new MX gear like motor sport that is 1-N-2-3-4-5. With dipindhakannnya clutch lever to the left, so the operation is very light and fluffy. Apparently, the shift into any gear also take place with ease!Ergonomic handlebarsTo provide comfort for the rider, the position of the steering New Jupiter MX changed, more bend inwards, like most motorcycle racing. The result, several times a spin with this bike does not feel tired. He had ever tried tandem. Front and rear suspension for comfortable ride and luggage rack.



Type of Machines :  
4 Step, 4 Valve SOHC, Liquid Cooled

Number / Position Cylinders  
Single Cylinder / Vertical

volume of Cylinder  
134.4 cc
Bore x Stroke  
54.0 x 58.7 mm

comparison of Compression  
10.9: 1

Maximum power  
9:21 kW / 8500 rpm

Maximum torque  
12:14 Nm / 6000 rpm

Starter system  
Electric Starter and Kick Starter

Lubrication System  

Engine Oil Capacity 

Total: 1.15 Liter / Replacement Periodical: 0.94 Liter
Fuel Systems  
Carburetor BS25-58 x 1

Type of Coupling  
Wet, manual clutch, Multiplat

Type of Transmission  
(Spoke: Rotary, CW: Seesaw), 4 Speed

Transmission Operation Pattern  

Frame Type 

suspension Front 

Rear suspension 
Swing Arm, Suspension Monocross

tires Home 
70/90-17M/C 33P

Rear tires 
100/70-17M/C 49P

brake Home 

Rear brakes 

Ignition system 



YB5L-B (12V 5Ah) / GM5Z-3B 




P x L x H 

1960 mm x 695 mm x 1080 mm
Distance Axis Wheels 

1245 mm
Lowest distance to the Land 

140 mm

Seat Height 
770 mm

Weight Contents 
109 Kg

Fuel Tank Capacity 
4 Liter

Color Collection